How can I alter my claim details?

You can alter your claim details. Log on and at the top of the screen click [View submitted claims].

Click the Insolvency name on the line of the claim. All claim details are shown. You can alter or add information.

Always enter a reason for the change made and save.

You can also add documents or send a message to the trustee.

How can I upload files?

After submitting your claim(s), you can upload files (e.g. invoices, General Terms & Conditions). Log on and click [View submitted claims] at the top of your screen.

Click on the relevant insolvency name in the list that appears. All details of your claim will be shown.

You can select and add the files you wish to upload with the buttons in the section 'Evidence'.

You can also send a message to the trustee or amend your claim details in the calima detail screen.

How can I change my password?

You can request a new password on the homepage, but for security reasons you cannot choose your own password.

I can logon, but do not find my claim

If you wish to access your claim details at a later moment to view or adjust your claim, you need to logon to your account. If you cannot find your claim under the button [view submitted claims], this can have two possible causes.

First, you may have registered multiple accounts with the same user name (e-mail address) in the past... this can be years apart.

You can check this by inserting your username to obtain a new password on the homepage.You will then receive an e-mail showing all accounts registered under the same username. Ask for a new password for those accounts and check in which account you find your claim.

Another possibility is that the trustee (or you yourself) has removed the claim. In that case it means: gone = gone. Sorry.


How can I change the e-mail address to log on?

The personal e-mail address that has been provided when an account is registered, is your username to log on. If you wish to alter your e-mail address, you logon with your old e-mail address. Then you click on [Edit my account settings] and there you change your personal e-mail address into the new e-mail address. When you click [Edit] your new e-mail address is your new username.

NOTICE: your old password remains the same in the new situation.